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About the Witbank SACCW EMT volunteers

We have established the Emergency Response Team (ERT) in March 2015. The focus of this team is to assist the community and all emergency services with qualified personnel, that is registered with different professional bodies, such as the Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and South Africa Emergency Services Institute (SAESI). We also have more than 40-years experience in our fields of expertise.

Our team consists of:

  • Paramedics / Medics that range from Advance Life Supports (ALS/Ndip), Intermediate, Basic and first aid
  • Fire fighters with FF1 & FF2, Hazmat, Rescue
  • First Responders with Rope Rescue, Vehicle Rescue and Fire rescue
  • Divers, instructors and rescue diving

More about us

Currently, we serve as backup resources to the majority of the emergency services in eMalahleni (Witbank) that includes Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and the Fire Department. In the near future we will look at the possibility of going to render a service with our own equipment and register emergency vehicles to assist faster and more proactive services to all in and around our area of operations.

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084 073 8881

Emergency Response contact number

EMS FD Volunteers & SACCW

When we joined.
In 2017 we have joined forces with SACCW Witbank as Witbank EMS FD Volunteers.

Why did we join?
So that both teams can render even more comprehensive services that cover all emergency fields.

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Zello Channel

We are available on the Public SACCW Witbank (Crime Watch) channel. If you are not familiar with Zello, click here for more information and download links. Alternatively, you can click the button below to link the Public SACCW Witbank channel.

Meet our EMS FD volunteers committee


Charles J Steyn, 46

25 Years in emergency service; Intermediate Life Support Internastional Trauma Life Support Elementary Firefighting Rope Rescue 1 & 2 Basic Medical Rescue Light Motor Vehicle Rescue Working at Hights Fall Arrest Technician Chaplin Safety Rep Client Service Diploma

Willem Meintjes, 35

15 years in Emergency Medical Service Basic Life Support EMS Trauma Support Chaplain

Charl Peens, 42

13years in emergency services Intermediate life support International trauma life support. Light motor vehicle rescue. Confind space basics. Safety rep. Firefighter 1 & 2. Hazmat opperations and awareness.

Ruben M Maota, 37

10 Years in the Emergency Services Intermediate Life Support Firefighting 1 and 2 Hazmat Oprations and Awareness

Clint Groenewald, 49

Basic Life Support Provider, Senior Fire Fighter, Public and inhouse training in basic fire fighting and first aid level 1 , NFPA 1001 1&2 Fire Fighter & Higher certificate , NFPA 1002 pump operator, NFPA 1006 Confined Space Rescue, and many more

Barend M Libazi, 27

1 year and 6 months Emergency Services, Basic Life Support, Firefighting 1 and 2 Hazard Operations, Hazmat awareness

Maritza Van Niekerk, 34

Bls medic 8 years, Major incident medical management and support (mimms course), Control room management Accident scene management , Basic fire fighting, Water rescue, Desaster Management, Fire Prevention, Basic rope rescue, Hazmat

Johan de Jongh, 41

10 years in emergency service, Emergency medical responder, Intermediate petrochemical fire fighting, Confined space rescue , Hazmat awareness, Swiftwater rescue , High Angle rescue 1 & 2 , Vehicle extrication, Landing zone officer - helicopter operations , Snake handling

James Salmond, 36

20 years service in Emergency service fire and medical, AEA, Fire Fighter 1 & 2 , Hazmat awareness, Hazmat Operations, Motor Vehicle Rescue , Trench Rescue, SCUBA search rescue and recovery, Numerous other short courses in medical rescue and fire

Willem Muller, 42

26 years in EMS, National Diploma Emergency Medical Care.

Grace to our God

Our Passion – Our Calling – We love what we do!

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