What is Zello?

Zello is a push-to-talk app for mobile devices and PCs. SACCW members make use of Zello to transmit 2-way communication between the public and response members in case of an emergency. The public also make use of Zello to call in for assistance on our SACCW Witbank & Neighbourhood channels. Zello is a reliable, cost-effective way to communicate with the public or response members.

SACCW Zello Links

Below you will find links to our public SACCW Witbank Zello channels.

If your neighbourhood Zello link is not active or still need to be created, please join the Public SACCW Witbank (Crime Watch) Zello channel. We are working to provide all the neighbourhoods with Zello channels.

SACCW Witbank (Crime Watch)

Zello Link

Highveld Park NHW Public

Zello Link

Del Judor Proper NHW Public

Zello Link

Del Judor x4 NHW Public

Zello Link

Model Park NHW Public

Zello Link

Del Judor ``The Block`` NHW Public

Zello Link

Jackaroo Park NHW Public

Zello Link

Reyno Ridge NHW Public

Zello Link

Blancheville NHW Public

Zello Link

Jackaroo Plots Sector 2 NHW Public

Zello Link

Public Channels Rules

Here are some basic rules to remember when making use of any of the public SACCW Zello Channels.

These channels are monitored 24 hours a day.

We respond throughout the entire Witbank area.

We have Medical, Emergency, and Towing Services active online and ready to respond.

We do not do or encourage unnecessary radio tests before 7am and after 8pm.

We do not indulge in unnecessary chatter – the channel needs to stay open for emergencies.

When calling in please speak clearly and avoid using vulgar language, language that is dismissive, racist, discriminative or gender biased.

Please set up your profile with your name, cell number, street name and number in case of an emergency.

When reporting suspicious activity please take down as much information as possible.

Your safety is what is most important so never approach a suspect without calling for backup first.

Unity is Strength.